Facebook Has Teamed Up With Trend Micro to STEAL and Profit Off of Our Personal Data!



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The Facebook Nazis are at it again!! They blocked me from posting, until I would give my permission to download their crap, Trend Micro!! They told me that I had malware, and that I would stay blocked until I did! ASSHOLES! 

BULLSHIT! My system is clean!! I used MalwareBytes and Avast like I always have; and I never have malware or viruses!! They think that I am stupid! The Bastards are tracking us.

Betty says: 15.12.2016
It is not a malware issue. They want to install their spyware for data mining purposes, to track you, & probably have their paying clients meddle in your machine. You may be able to get in with another machine if they already have data mining apps already in them, or they are not interested in tracking that device.
FB is free.

How do you think the owner became a billionaire? With ad blockers, they’re really not making that kind of money on ads.
Data mining/spying for corporations, advertisers, & big brother is big bossiness & big money these days.

That’s why Windows 10 was free — so most computer users can be tracked & spied on. They’ve even went as far as to inject their spyware on other versions of widows, or force W10 upgrades through their updates so everyone gets tagged & tracked.
In my case 4 PCs, 3 laptops, 2 android tablets, & my Samsung phone were blocked from my personal account. I hardly believe all those devices, some in different locations were infected.

Yet, on all those devices we able to get into 2 work FB accounts, my old roommate’s FB account, & a friend’s FB accounts with no problems. If they detected malware, why is it not detected while logging into other FB accounts on the same devices?
There’s a 95% chance you are not infected with any malware that FB noticed. Even if you were, there’s a very good chance FB would not detect it.. IT”S ALL BS!
You are blocking their malware/spyware, ads, or their spyware is not functioning, so they need to install something else so their clients (corporations, advertisers, & governments) can spy on you.

After allowing their “scan” app to install, I was able to to get into my personal account with all 9 devices. How could a “scan” on 1 fix all 9 independent devices — some on different ISPs/internet connections?

I was smart though. I created a “system restore” point before I let their scan app install. Then removed all traces of the app, & restored to the restore point from before it was installed to be sure.

My computer & internet knowledge is above average. If I had malware on my machine, I would definitely know about it. I’ve been fixing & building computers since 1980. Been online since the beginning of the internet, & on the usenet (newsgroups) since 1981 (before the internet we have the usenet). I’m not a nooby.

This is just a typical & very common ploy to get into your machines used by hackers & malware makers, If they can’t get in be traditional means, or if you’re too controversial so they feel you must need to be tracked more closely they want to install their malware under the disguise as a malware scan. Hackers & malware pros use this same method to break into your stuff. They offer to do malware scans, fix, or speed up your machine for free, but install their own spyware or malware instead, & usually make it worse.