Adding PayPal Buttons In GoDaddy Website

Date Submitted: 3-31-2010 by GoDaddy Contributor  San
Adding PayPal buttons in Website Tonight

To all those who have wanted PayPal options in Website Tonight, we have added the option to add Paypal ‘Buy Now’ and ‘Donate’ buttons. The idea is to enable and equip WebSite Tonight users to be able to sell products, services etc and also be able to accept donations using their PayPal accounts.

How to use PayPal Option in Website Tonight

1. Go to the Page Designer and click the ‘PayPal Button’ under the ‘Widgets’ icon on the page designer’s Insert menu. Alternatively, you can click on the ‘View All’ option on the page designer’s Insert menu. Then select ‘PayPal Button’ and click OK.

Paypal Insert Option

Paypal Insert Option Two

2. This will open the Paypal Button window as shown below:

Paypal Popin

3. Select the button type you want to create and enter the required details. See the examples below for creating a Buy Now button and a Donate button.

Paypal Popin with Buy Now

Paypal Popin with Donate

4. Click ‘OK’, this will add the selected button to your page.

5. Now, all you need to do is publish your website, and your website visitors will see ‘Buy now’, and ‘Donate’ buttons on your site.

Paypal Buttons on live site


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